Anyone can control or manage anger but for managing anger we should know
what are the possible ideas for controlling or managing anger.

we will see some ideas …..

  1. Before expressing our anger we have to think about what will be the consequences of our reaction, according to that we have to react.
  2. when somebody creates anger in you that time give a response to that person or situation, don’t give a reaction. There is a thin line between response and reaction. The reaction comes immediate but response come by possessing, many time reaction may be negative but response positively deals with the situation.
  3. give other people to explain to him or her. Sometimes or many times we didn’t listen to people that what they are saying, we just roaming in our angry mind but need to understand others situation. By understanding other’s problem sometimes or many times we get to read of our anger.
  4. Be cool, laugh it out or use a sense of humour to lighten the situation. Use your creative mind to converting an angry situation into humour. Sometimes it’s very effective to convert tension into laugh together.
  5. Have lunch or dinner together.
  6. Talk to your friends, family members about yourself, about your mood, the problem you are facing. Their support and advice can help you to get out of the problem of anger.
  7. have healthy and tasty food. It also helps us to reduce anger, if we are satisfied then we feel more relaxed.
  8. take adequate sleep. 8 hours of sleep is very important for good mental and physical health.

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