• Health and wellness

health is a state of physical, mental and social well being and absence of the disease and weakness.

wellness is a way of life, if person is living healthy life then he/ she can achieve health.

health is a state of being and
wellness is the state of living.

so, in simple word we can say if person is living healthy life or following healthy lifestyle habits then he or she will be healthy. wellness is a process and health is outcome.

  • Dimensions of wellness:

emotional well being
physical well being
mental well being
social well being
occupational well being
spiritual well being

  • Determinants of Health:

following key factors can effect the health of the individual.
social support network
education and literacy
income and social status
employment and working condition social environment
physical condition
gender healthcare services
biology and genetics
personal health practices
coping skills
healthy childhood development


  • Healthy lifestyle

Get adequate sleep everyday (8 hours)

Exercise everyday can improve strength and stamina.

Practice Pranayama and yoga, good for mental and physical well-being.

Eat healthy food and avoid fried or junk food. In morning time eat seasonal fruits and vegetables for balanced nutrition status

Be happy

Manage your stress

Express your emotions in positive way, went out your suppress emotional turmoil pain, this can helpful for betterment emotional well-being.



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