What is depression?

Depression is a mood disorder or illness, in which person can suffer from constant feeling of sadness and loss of interest.


Signs and symptoms of depression


Loss of interest:

A person who is suffering from depression can lose their interest in everyday activities.


Feeling of hopelessness:

They may feel hopeless about upcoming future and can have negative attitude about their future.


Weakness, dizziness and feeling really tired:

Every day they may feel dizzy, tired or weak even when they don’t have any difficult task.

Moodiness and irritability:

They can have fast mood changes. Sometimes they become sad, angry, negative, and worthless.


Changes in sleep habit:

Sleeping too much or lack of sleep can be the sing of depression. Generally they so the sing of oversleeping.


Changes in appetite (hunger)

They may experience increased or decreased appetite.

Condition here is changes in appetite are not planned.


Difficulty in thinking and concentration:

They may face difficulty in concentration and thinking for completing their task.


Negative thoughts:

Constant negative thoughts about life, future and self. Overthinking with negative thoughts, looking at the things with negative perspective only.



How to overcome Depression


Morning walk


Surya Namaskar

Healthy Food

Healthy Sleeping Habits

Water: drink adequate water

Bath: use lukewarm water

Talk and Make Friend

Share and care

Outdoor Activities

Watch funny/ comedy movie

Look at the positive angle of your life

Go out in nature

Eat fruits everyday

Asana and pranayama

Consult with counsellor/ psychiatrist   


Don’t stay whole day in your room only

Reduce the use of electronics gazettes


Minimize the use of social media

Don’t eat unhealthy food

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