I experienced and qualified psychological counselor and I work in this filed with scientific approach and creative idea Years of experience in counseling psychology I use various psychological approaches to solve clients problems.

 I completed my Master’s Degree in clinical psychology and also completed  P.G.D. in professional skills in clinical and counseling psychology.

I also work in school as a psychological counselor. Where I counsel students, parents and teacher to resolve their problems. Also conducted workshops, seminars and special counseling session o prevent problems and to improve mental health.

Therefore  the need of counseling for helping the persons who are suffering from these types of situations.Anyone can get help of counselor to solve their problems like stress, overthinking, relationship problems, low mood, Anxiety, depression, grief and sadness, feeling overwhelmed, sleep difficulty, child  and Adolescences issues, Addiction, depressed mood, Anger Management, time management and decision making so on.

Talking to counselors is normal in today’s world

To enhance the psychological health of people

To provide psychological counseling to all

Safety confidentiality & loyalty 

  I also conduct workshops for Stress Management, Life Skills, child and Adolescence issues, and counseling, positive parenting  skills, Anger Management, Behavior Modification of students, Overcoming Depression & Study Skills. Events for healthy mind and body. Yoga and Meditation, Unlocking our Creative attitude, Learning openness to new experience, Guided Meditation, and Fun activities which can heal mind and body.

Psychological Parenting skills

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