10 Tips for Anger Control
– Gopal Bhagat

1) Develop positive mindsets about what you think. Think in positive way before reacting

2) Be cool minded guys

3) use your sence of humor to lighten the situation

4) instead of fighting have a discussion

5) develop your first positive impression with smile

6) look at good side of others personality

7) if possible helps others to overcome their difficulty. It will give you a kind of self satisfaction.

8) Have a nice talk in nice environment

9) talk with family members

10) develop communication skills, use word that may not hurt others.

11) Practice yoga and meditation

12)Have more fruits everyday or juices

13) Adequate sleep (8 hours)

14) Reduce screen time( mobile use)
Minimize use of the social media.
Avoid online games

15) go out in nature

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